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Initially, Arc.dev was wildly popular as an inventive CodementorX platform for developers. Developers can choose to onboard and seek assistance in improving their existing skills. It is a mentorship program that is excellent for developers. However, such an expansive league of developers also allows firms to hire top-notch freelance developers. Toptal, as the name suggests, offers the best talent available. As the website suggests, they are here to offer clients the Top tier talent for clients.

The objective is to build a chatbot to make learning complex topics simple. Need the ability to scale the bot to add new topics in the future, like Data Science, Statistics, etc. Finally, looking to build both a web page and a mobile app for the chatbot, but can focus on the web page to begin with. I am searching for a freelancer to support a data storytelling project aimed at Technical Professionals. I have a specific data set in mind that I need to be transformed into interactive web visualization, preferably using D3.js .

How Women Can Navigate Constant Career Changes – Forbes

How Women Can Navigate Constant Career Changes.

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As an expert in UI, Jane Portman’s site is clean, concise, and completely free of clutter. A great website can win you clients as quickly as a poor website can lose ’em. The key is to understand these nuances and choose the one that aligns with your requirements. The particulars include how big or small your project is, what technology it calls for, what your budget is, etc.

How to Build a Freelance Web Developer Portfolio: Step-by-Step Guide

To cut a long story short, here is Divi, versatile and multi-concept web design for all and every freelancer out there. You do not need to build your online portfolio page from the ground up anymore, rather let Divi do the hard work for you. This nifty website skin has all the must-have available and predefined for you to utilize. If this sounds like you, it’s time you identify the problem.

  • Make sure to add the technologies you’ve worked in or the ones you have experience in.
  • Either way, your portfolio site is the perfect place to show your past work and provide a convenient way for potential clients or employers to contact you.
  • Download our free ebook The Basics of User Experience Designto learn about core concepts of UX design.
  • Seán’s ability to integrate color and visuals effectively into his portfolio shows his creativity as a designer.
  • As we know, complex products require the best talent, and these premium networks are ideal to build them.

Using prehttps://trading-market.org/ors and following best practices, he delivers maintainable and well-structured code. His WordPress and PHP skills give him the ability to also develop for the back-end. Thanks to his proactive attitude, effective communication, and flexibility, he can adapt to any team conditions in a short amount of time. But he never misses a daily workout to get the blood flow going. Unique is an online resume website template that freelancers will adore. If you are a freelance photographer who occasionally likes to blog about the industry or your own work, we have a special photography website template for you.

Brad Frost Portfolio

If you’ve done anything that can be considered extraordinary, web developer portfolio examples it. The page follows a one-page design that visitors can navigate by scrolling up and down. You can access the source code of the website and download it from his Github repository.

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Doing projects for local charities, schools or small businesses who simply can’t afford to pay a web developer’s rate helps you and them. Quoteroller is a practical, time-saving way to create and send professional proposals to clients in a matter of minutes. You can chart your proposal’s performance and even see when the client has opened it. Becoming a freelance web developer is not just about knowing how to code. There are multiple programming languages to choose from , plenty of frameworks , and even platforms . This is because you’ll need to learn some things in order to solve problems in your project and deliver a complete product to your clients.

Top 64 Web Developer Portfolio Examples

An experienced developer intimately familiar with your company can guide you through the decision-making process and ensure everything is running smoothly once the website is finished. Ed Parsons, founder of technology company Acutulus, said this is a vital service in-house developers can provide. Freelance web developers are also more difficult to manage because they aren’t full-time employees. They work under their own hours, which might make overseeing your website’s progress during normal business hours a challenge.


Then, within three weeks, the client is equipped with a new developer who can take over. The volume of these projects is much smaller than the bidding website. Those looking for an order-based website can look for web developers in freelancing websites for developers. First, freelance web developers must register themselves on any best platforms for freelancing. After that, clients can find quick solutions by looking for single-project solutions or order-based websites. I need to develop digital wallet application in web application, Android app and iOS app.

Glitche – CV/Resume Template

Dribbble is the world’s leading community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. A picture per project containing a link to the final website. His full-page navigation and taste for design make his website stand out from the rest. He’s telling the visitor that he knows what he’s doing and that he knows how to create beautiful websites. He uses plenty of colors, large fonts, text shadows, filters, and “old” animations to create a such unique style.

However, some websites that allow order-based work offer more economical offers. One way to work around this is to offer 2-3 separate trial projects to freelancers. These could be short, concise projects that give maximum insight into the quality of work. Firms then have the option to pick the most competent freelance website developers.

Portfolio design tips: What to keep in mind

Let’s now discuss some of the front-end developer portfolio examples to comprehend how popular freelancers are making their impact in this field. Henry Hu is a UI design professional and a software developer. His personal portfolio includes examples of projects built with HTML and CSS as well as as C+ and Javascript— so he covers the full stack. A good online portfolio gets out of the way and showcases the work.

  • It may also be relatively difficult for potential clients who aren’t really “oriented” to navigate the portfolio quickly.
  • In fact, most clients don’t make the distinction between web development and web design, i.e. back-end development and front-end development.
  • This web dev portfolio has a blog page containing tech articles.
  • He uses a basic layout to describe himself, his work, and his skills.

This includes technical skill-sets, past projects, ability to meet deadlines & work in a team, and overall reliability before they are invited into the network. Whether you are a start-up or an MNC, this detailed screening process ensures that you get to work only with the very best freelance developers. At the bottom of the homepage, he added a short copy that includes a call-to-action to let clients know he’s available for freelance projects. If you’re a freelance developer, this portfolio design might be the right fit for you. Basically web developers are programmers who create websites and design the layouts.

But first, do yourself a favor and watch video tutorials to get the gist. Jonathan was a member of the Marine Corps before he became a web developer. He studied at Yale University and offers simplicity in his ideas and designs.

This leaves no doubt about his advanced development and design skills. If you want to make a creative front end developer portfolio with a beautiful interface, then you can’t miss this one. It has a black background, which makes the site look both stylish and clean. As you scroll down, different sections load, including professional skills, blog posts, portfolio, and contact details.

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